I am a Ph.D. student @ University of California, San Diego, majoring in Cognitive Science.

Now, I am working with Prof. Virginia de Sa.

Previously, I had worked with Prof. Zhuowen Tu for nearly two years, and got great research experience.


Spring 2017, a long paper with Hailin, Chen, Zhaowen, and Virginia, got accepted to 2nd Workshop on Representation Learning for NLP.

Spring 2017, de Sa Lab, working with Prof. Virginia de Sa.

Summer 2016, research internship at Adobe research, working on unsupervised sentence representation learning.

Spring 2016, lab rotation in Prof. Garrison W. Cottrell's lab, working on the recurrent attention model for fine-grained classification tasks.

Fall 2015, Machine Learning, Perception, and Cognition Lab, working with Prof. Zhuowen Tu.

Spring 2015, B.Sc. in Information Science @ Zhejiang University, working with Prof. Zhiyu Xiang.


[1] Shuai Tang, Hailin Jin, Chen Fang, Zhaowen Wang, and Virginia de Sa, "Trimming and Improving Skip-thought Vectors", (ArXiv,2017).

[2] Shuai Tang, Hailin Jin, Chen Fang, Zhaowen Wang, and Virginia de Sa, "Rethinking Skip-thought: A Neighborhood based Approach", (RepL4NLP,2017).

[3] Patrick W. Gallagher, Shuai Tang, and Zhuowen Tu, “What Happened to My Dog in That Network: Unraveling Top-down Generators in Convolutional Neural Networks”, (ArXiv,2015).


  • Teaching Assistant
    COGS118A Intro to Machine Learning I (2016 Winter)
    COGS118B Intro to Machine Learning II (2016 Fall)
    COGS181 Neural Networks and Deep Learning (2017 Winter)
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